Harpsichord jacks for your Zuckermann,Hubbard and more.

About our harpsichord jack

Harpsichord jacks for upgrading from the plastic jacks found on many Zuckermann, Dowd, Hubbard and Martin harpsichords. We also produce jacks for Sperhakke and Neupert instruments as well as many other harpsichords. Please visit our gallery of jacks for examples of our work.        


Kaeser instruments also supplies replacement keyboards and registers for vintage harpsichords replacement, and  Forte-piano action assemblies and keyboards to your specifications.  Please view the components page for examples.

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F. Jacob Kaeser began working at Zuckermann Harpsichords in 1978 under the tutelage of David Way and Wolfgang Zuckermann. He began by mastering the art of milling harpsichord parts, carefully choosing the right plank of wood for the necessary application, and cutting to exacting standards.  Soon after he graduated to the assembly bench.  This was a fortuitous time in the history of 20th century harpsichord-making, as David Way began building instruments in the manner of the "old masters."  Beginning with the use of solid planks of lumber instead of plywood, and utilizing the original joinery techniques, the instruments transformed the early music community.   As the Zuckermann shop developed from a research and development shop to  a production facility, Mr. Kaeser, along with others, developed the jigs and tooling to produce accurate harpsichord kits for the public.  The manuals for these kits, written by David Way and Michael Smith, are still today the finest examples of literature pertaining to the workings and temperaments of the harpsichord. The final three years in the employ of Zuckermann harpsichords was spent toiling with Mr. Way designing new instruments based on historic examples.

In 1992 Mr. Kaeser started his own venture, Kaeser Instruments.  Utilizing his experience, he produces cases, keyboards, and action assemblies for professional builders and restorers.  Many professional instrument makers, lacking space for production tools, have turned to Kaeser Instruments for production of their designs.  

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